Tutu books return ticket to see Cyprus solution

By Nathan Morley
10 December 2009

THE ELDERS have all expressed optimism that a solution to the Cyprus problem will soon be thrashed out.

Speaking to the Cyprus Mail last night, former US President Jimmy Carter said his optimism for a successful outcome in the current Cyprus talks was genuine and not ‘mere words’.

“I base my optimism on two things; one is that the two leaders seem to be completely determined to succeed.

“And remember, they are working assiduously to bring about reconciliation between the two communities and accommodation on many difficult issues,” he said.

“Secondly, I think the Cyprus people now believe the decision is in their hands – not in the UN’s, Turkeys or Greece. So people have a choice of unity and peace or division when the problems may become more troublesome in the future.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who is also on his third visit to the island, was also upbeat about the future prospects for peace in Cyprus.

“It is so close to being solved here in Cyprus, it just needs a small push, and you’ll be there,” Archbishop Tutu told the Cyprus Mail.

“I’m not an optimist; I’m a prisoner of hope. It’s quite different – for an optimist, when things don’t go well they want to give up, but I am able to say that this is a world where goodness, justice and peace will prevail.”

Asked whether his was ready to return next year to a united Cyprus, Tutu quipped, “I’ve got my ticket ready”

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