“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!.”
–Richard Ingrams

“A Wonderful account of a life filled with far more ups and downs than the subjects languid demeanor ever suggested ”
–Miles Jupp

“A terrific new biography’
–Craig Brown

“David Tomlinson may have died over twenty years ago, but his star continues to shine. In Disney’s British Gentleman, Nathan Morley reveals the remarkable story of one of Disney’s most beloved icons for the very first time. Great story, great book..” 

–H. Sean

“his is a beautifully presented and wonderfully well-written book about a great British actor It moves along at a cracking pace and is full of anecdotes and stories through the years I would recommend it without hesitation” 
–F. Huley

“What a joy this book is. As a great fan of the wonderful British actor, David Tomlinson, ” 
–Pete Cross

“Nathan Morley has authored an immensely entertaining biography covering the actor’s time from amateur dramatics on to the Grenadier Guards and the RAF during WW2, furthering his interest in planes. A life that had its share of tragedy – his first wife committed suicide and he avoided near death in a flying incident – it reveals Tomlinson as an actor well able to handle his career astutely, never having to employ an agent or manager. With many anecdotes about his films and fellow actors, in particular Robert Morley, his co-star in the long running theatrical success “The Little Hut”, it’s a well-researched book that (as a long time Tomlinson enthusiast) I can recommend thoroughly..” 
–Tony Byworth